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Melissa Swader

A local and nationally recognized press writer and business blogger, editor, publisher, graphic designer, photographer, social media influencer, business event host, public relations expert, and so much more.

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2019 - Named 1/6 people in Arizona "Behind the Success" recognition - Commercial Executive Magazine (pg.9)

(Featured in the Current August/Summer issue)

2019 - Named The Commercial Real Estate Marketing Wizards Influencing the Industry - The Content Funnel

2019- W.P. Carey School of Business - ASU Mentor Group

Announced in March 2019, Named '2018 Top 10 National CRE Blogger' for "Most Deals Done" by The Broker List (SVN) 

2019 - Named Recipient "Girl Power: Women Leading the Charge in Commercial Real Estate - The Content Funnel

2019 - Selected as #Bizwomen Mentoring Monday - Served as Business Mentor to other Businesswomen in Nationwide Event - Phoenix Business Journal

2019 Nominee for 'Outstanding Women in Business - PBJ

'2018 Outstanding Women in Business" Award Winner - Phoenix Business Journal

2018 - Voyage Phoenix Magazine Feature 

Named '2017 Top 10 National CRE Blogger' by The Broker List (SVN)

Named '2016 Top 10 National CRE Blogger' by The Broker List (SVN)

2016 - Founded one of the largest Elite Networking Business Events in the North Valley (Phoenix, AZ.)

.......To Name a Few


A Message From the Publisher and Editor in Chief, Elevate Magazine

The launch of Elevate Magazine comes at a really significant time when digital and social media marketing are at the top of the latest trends. Print magazines are becoming more obsolete and they are really expensive to produce. While you may receive them in the mail, advertisers have to pay a pretty penny to be a part of it.  As a result, I wanted to develop an Online magazine publication that fit the needs of all business owners and readers, who spend more time on their phones and computers these days. I am sure you are shaking your head in agreement right now, as I sit here and type on my computer :-) and you are probably reading from your phone or iPad. 

While some of you know who I am, there are many others out there that think I am just an "Administrator" of a few social media groups, but when in fact, I spend 12 hours a day in a marketing and media career over the last 20 years elevating other people and their careers. My press work has been published all across the nation and recognized in the metropolitan Phoenix area for my media work covering the latest news in real estate or business trending topics.


I am a businesswoman. I am an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree.  I am a photographer and graphic designer by trade and have designed thousands of published company ads over the years. My design work has even been seen on product packaging at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Anna's Linens, Linens & Things. Not to mention, my design work is even seen in many of the valley magazines in Arizona you read today because I design company ads for everyone.

Social media management can be difficult, especially when dealing with thousands of personalities on a daily basis however I LOVE what I do.  I do not worry about the "Haters" out there posting to other social media groups.  If they want to talk about me, they are the ones that look foolish.  Don't comment, do not like their posts - they eventually will go away because everyone knows who they are and they look foolish. While they go to work for a paycheck, I am building social forums, utilizing digital technology in creating opportunities for everyone in business to create an empire, build their brand, exponentially grow their business, create new job opportunities for the people in the community, and support economic development all over Arizona.  Oh, and let's not forget that I find commercial real estate space for small business owners too. Social media management is very similar to operating a business because I must make executive decisions for the groups daily.  I make these decisions for my clients everyday too. I implement policies and rules when necessary to make sure these groups are respectable, comprised of quality members, quality content with one objective in mind - a positive outcome for everyone.  With that being said, if I do see negative content posted elsewhere about me or my groups, those members will be removed from all my forums because they are not wanted. The members do not want to see negative people on these groups either. In fact, they are the ones reporting those negative posts and I encourage everyone to be proactive in doing so to maintain the integrity of the group. In short, think before you post. 

What I learned most about managing social platforms is there are so many businesses out there that want to SPAM the pages with business advertising. They will do anything they can to promote their businesses.  Unfortunately the social platforms I developed do not permit that sort of advertising content. It is a competitive market in trade service areas and I completely understand those challenges in the world today. Therefore, I wanted to provide other opportunities for them as well. Rather limiting the opportunities due to budget constraints, the supply and demand of advertising options was imminent! As a result, Elevate Magazine Online Magazine publication was developed to provide opportunities for everyone.  


Melissa Swader, Publisher | Editor-in-Chief, Elevate Magazine
Melissa Swader, Publisher | Editor-in-Chief, Elevate Magazine
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